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Brokers and Blank Slates

Bad habits are the bane of the broker’s existence, and any time is a good time to reassess and rid oneself of these nasty practices.

I live by the proverb that a business or broker is perfectly designed to produce the results it is generating. In other words, the results that a broker gets are directly correlated to their actions. Input equals output—and in that sense brokers are the perfect Turing system. Read More

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Get Over Your Fear of the Phone!

Prospecting is the core of our business and is especially difficult for new brokers who are subject simultaneously to the dual stresses of learning real estate and building relationships. If brokers choose to get overwhelmed they can fail. I have trained scores of brokers as they enter the business (many amongst the most successful in New York City) and have some tips that will be instructive.

I have been in sales most of my professional life. I know firsthand the impact activity makes on success. While a broker at Morgan Stanley, I set the obscene goal for myself of making 300 prospecting calls a day. I would not leave the office until I hit my goal. Often, I would arrive at 7:00 a.m. and leave at 9:00 p.m.—but I always got my 300. I never left before I reached that magic number. Read More

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Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

Good brokers tend to have good habits. But good habits are tough to come by. Habits play such a central role in our behavior that a Duke University study found that 40 percent of an individual’s actions are habits and not decisions. In other words, 40 percent of things we do involve no thinking like putting toothpaste on your toothbrush, looking at Caller ID or speaking to a property owner.

Now imagine if you could break several of your bad habits and replace those with positive ones. Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Read More

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Building a Successful Training Program 

Over the last 18 months Eastern Consolidated has had unprecedented success in training new brokers with our AdvanceTrac program. We constantly assess and improve the program based on ever-changing market conditions and what we learn from previous cohorts.

First, the results. Never one to confuse brains for a bull market, I remain amazed at the Read More

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One-Stop Shops

In today’s competitive markets, the business mantra is “increase wallet share and client stickiness,” making it crucial for brokerage platforms to offer a full line of services and solutions to clients. Firms across the commercial real estate landscape are continuing to broaden their offerings as they attempt to capture additional revenue, diversify their businesses and Read More

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Hope Is Never a Strategy

The summer is unofficially over and it is time for brokers to refocus their efforts. The NYC real estate industry slows down in the summer, especially in late August, as many key players vacation. You must reconnect and build on your relationships by evaluating your clients and developing and executing a communications strategy.

Before discussing Read More

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Creating a Positive Dialogue

Sales, pitches and arguments are generally won by carefully controlling the dialogue and its parameters.

The importance of framing an issue cannot be understated, especially when it centers around the best approach to marketing a property or what broker to work with. I’ve witnessed firsthand the importance of defining who you are, what you do Read More

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Real Estate Is a Beauty Contest

People may not want to admit it, but the fact is the best broker does not always get hired for the assignment. There are myriad factors that impact an owner’s selection process, including not only experience and education but also timing and personal preferences. These and other variables conspire to turn much of what we Read More

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Managing Your Image on Social Media

I enjoy social media and sharing important milestones, achievements and events with family and friends, but for the life of me I do not understand why people use it to digitally share every aspect of their lives. I was raised to value privacy and discretion and lack the self-absorption or vanity to believe that people Read More

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The Necessity of Failure

The first time I tried to ride a bike, I fell. At 14 I crashed and received 22 stitches on my chin. As an adult I launched myself over my handlebars and shattered my elbow. After each failure I got back on my bike. By doing so I have known the exhilaration, achievement or joy Read More

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On Being a Team Player

Teams are all the rage in the business world but must be well conceived, structured and managed to reach their true potential. A recent survey of employers indicated that the ability to work collaboratively and cohesively in a team environment is the most important trait in the workplace and it is especially true for brokers. Read More

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Vision Drives Success

Astronauts were the seminal figures of my youth. Forty-five years ago on July 20 man landed and walked on the moon, changing the way humans literally and figuratively viewed the world. The American astronauts fulfilled the human dream of exploration and, in the midst of the Cold War, showed the world what American ingenuity could Read More

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Overcoming the Summertime Blues

Summer is a time of barbecues, beaches and vacation. But it should not be a time for brokers to relax. Instead it is a time to plant the seeds for a great second half of the year. Here are some ideas to make the summer productive and profitable.

Keep priorities clear: An interesting aspect of Read More

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Managing Your Sales Pipeline

Managing a sales pipeline is important because it allows a broker to monitor and assess potential deals and appropriately allocate time and resources to them. Brokers should have a very intentional pipeline management process, and the following tips can help build one.

Let’s begin with the premise that using data effectively enables better decisions. Without Read More